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The Hammerhead Consort: Music for Two Pianos and Percussion

Trevor Brandenburg, percussion
Rajat Nigam: percussion
Roger Admiral, piano
Corey Hamm, piano
Arktos 94000

Dancing Ice: Solo and Duo Canadian Organ Music

Duo Majoya
Marnie Giesbrecht, organ
Joachim Segger, piano
Arktos 94002

At Your Service – Sylvia Shadick-Taylor

Sylvia Shadick-Taylor, piano
Irén Bartók, soprano
Jens Lindemann, trumpet
Tanya Prochazka, cello
William H. Street, saxophone
Nándor Szederkényi, violin
Arktos 94005

Fancy’s Child: Songs from Shakespeare

Pro Coro Canada
Eric Ericson, conductor
Erik Westberg, conductor
Jeremy Spurgeon, piano
Arktos 95008

Michael Redshaw

Michael Redshaw, piano
Arktos 95010

Tales and Reflections

Ronda Metszies, violoncello
Greg Caisley, piano
Arktos 95011

Large as Life and Bold as Brass

The Old Strathcona Town Band
Ernest Dalwood, conductor
Dawn Hage, solo trumpet
John McPherson, solo euphonium
Joan Munro, solo Piccolo
Arktos 96012

Winter Green: Songs of Chirstmas

Greenwood Singers,
Robert de Frece, director
Arktos 96013

First Snow: Choral Music by Bo Holten and Malcolm Forsyth

Pro Coro Canada
Bo Holten, conductor
Arktos 96014

Musicians Wrestle Everywhere

The University of Alberta Madrigal
Leonard Ratzlaff, conductor
Arktos 97016

Standing on Holy Ground

The Augustana Choir
Marc A. Hafso director
Susan Ward, accompanist
Arktos 97017


William Street, saxophone
Roger Admiral, piano
Paul Bro, tenor saxophone
Arktos 97018

Landsmĺl: The Lyrical Dialect of Edvard Grieg

Milton Schlosser, piano
Kathleen Lotz, soprano
Tanya Prochazka, cello
Arktos 97019


Florence Mahon, organ
Arktos 97021

Transcriptions for Two, Firebird

Duo MaJoya
Marnie Giesbrecht, organ
Joachim Segger, piano
Arktos 97022

Prairie Brass: Brass Music by Roger Deegan

Corey Hamm, piano
Trevor Brandenburg, marimba
Russell Whitehead, trumpet, cornet
Bob Tildesley, fleugelhorn, trumpet
Mary Fearon, horn
Ivan Mast, trombone
Krista Gilliland, tuba
Ken Read, bass trombone
Colin Haydu, trombone
John Ceri Jones, trombone
Arktos 97023

Live by the Aire

Sheela Na Gigh
Jan Henderson, vocals, percussion
Tami Cooper, vocals, flutes, whistles, recorders, percussion
Russ Baker, nylon & steel string acoustic guitars, electric guitars and effects, electric bass
Mark Arnison, drums and percussion
Arktos 97024

Brothers in the Sun

Brad Go-Sam, didgeridoo
Pablo Russell, drummer and singer
Keith Bolton, didgeridoo
Arktos 97025

Yiddish Songs

Judith Lebane-Kane, mezzo soprano
Beverly Yee, piano
Arktos 98026

Beau Quartet: String Quartets by Jean Sibelius and Carl Nielsen

Stephen Bryant, first violin
Anita Dusevic, second violin
Sue Jane Bryant, viola
Peter Parthun, cello
Arktos 98028

Intimate Impressions: The Piano Music of Frederic Mompou

Sylvia Shadick-Taylor, piano
Arktos 98029


Ronda Metszies, cello
Greg Caisley, piano
Arktos 99031


Hammerhead Consort
Corey Hamm, piano
Haley Simons, piano
Trevor Brandenburg, percussion
Darren Salyn, percussion
Arktos 99032

Reflections on the Past

The University of Calgary Wind
Glenn D. Price, conductor
Arktos 98033

Trobairitz: Seasons of Love and Song

Trobairitz Ensemble for Medieval Music
Katherine Wallace, soprano
Joy-Anne Murphy, mezzo-soprano
Wendy Grřnnestad, mezzo-soprano
Susan Pierce, soprano
Patricia MacKenzie, harp
Arktos 99034

Gardens of Dreams

The University of Calgary Wind
Glenn D. Price, conductor
Arktos 99035

Marcus Wasnea

Marcus Wasnea, classical guitar
Arktos 99036

Balulalow – Anthems, Carols & Lullabies

University of Alberta Madrigal Singers
Leonard Ratzlaff, conductor
Nora Bumanis, harp
Trevor Sanders, guitar
Johathan Sharek, Marimba/vibraphone
Arktos 99037

Come, Let Us Worship

Heruvymy Ukrainian Female Quartet
Andrea Leader
Melanie Hladunewich
Patty Tachynski
Kathy Tachynski
Father Yaroslow Dybka
Arktos 99038

Bashaw: Music by Howard Bashaw

The Saint Crispin’s Chamber Ensemble
Duo Majoya
The Hammerhead Consort
The NOWAge Orchestra
Martin Risley, violin
Colin Ryan, cello
Allison Storochuk, clarinet
David Quinn, bass clarinet
Russell Whitehead, trumpet
Trevor Brandenburg, percussion
Corey Hamm, piano
Roger Admiral, piano
Arktos 2003940

The Elegance and the Ecstasy: Piano Duets by Mozart, Schubert, Brahms

Duo Majoya
Marnie Giesbrecht, piano
Joachim Segger, piano
Arktos 20042

Milton Schlosser:
Frederic Rzewski’s De Profundis and
North American Ballads

Milton Schlosser, piano
Arktos 20043


Albertasaurus Tuba Quartet
David Reid, euphonium
John McPherson, euphonium, tuba
Scott Whetham, tuba
Micahel Eastep, tuba
Arktos 20044

A Musical Soirée: Parlour songs and duets

Colette Belanger, soprano
Carolyn Byers, mezzo-soprano
Angela Cavar, piano
Arktos 20045

On the March

The University of Calgary Wind Ensemble
Dr. Glenn D. Price, Director
Arktos 20046

The Passionate Englishman

Tanya Prochazka, cello
Janet Scott-Hoyt, piano
Arktos 200147


University of Calgary Wind Ensemble
Glenn D. Price, conductor
Alain Trudel, solo trombone
Svetlana Ponomaryova, piano
Arktos 200148

my soul, there is a country … Gavin Bryars On Photograpy and other Canadian and British Contemporary Choral Music

University of Alberta Madrigal
Leonard Ratzlaff, conductor

Arktos 200149

Maxim Philippov
Rachmaninov: The Preludes

Maxim Philippov, piano
Esther Honens International Piano Competition
Arktos 20015051

Yi Wu: Music by Scarlatti, Granados, Chopin, Liszt

Yi Wu, piano
Esther Honens International Piano Competition
Arktos 200152

Colours of Bulgaria:
Piano Pieces by Pantcho Vladigerov

Dimiter Terziev, piano
Arktos 200153

Baskets Full Of Songs

Hong Yan Powell, soprano
Roger Admiral, piano
Arktos 200154

Now & Then

Marnie Giesbrecht, organ
Arktos 200255

Bravato – Music by: Beethoven, Brahms,
Ginastera, Mendelssohn and Haydn

Joachim Segger, piano
Arktos 200256

Skyscape – Organ and Piano

Duo Majoya
Marnie Giesbrecht, organ
Joachim Segger, piano
Arktos 200257

The Children’s World of Debussy and Bartók

Jacques Després, piano
Arktos 200258

Catalogue of Recordings 2002

Arktos Recordings Limited Sampler 200259
Arktos 200259

Tableaux Pour Deux Pianos

Bergmann Duo
Elizabeth Bergmann, piano
Marcel Bergmann, piano
Arktos 200260

Albert Tiu: Variations

Albert Tiu, piano
Esther Honens International Piano Competition
Arktos 200261

Rediscovering America

Eugene Watanabe, piano
Esther Honens International Piano Competition
Arktos 200262

Greenwood Singers: Music of Randall Thompson

Greenwood Singers
Robert de Frece, conductor
Arktos 200263

Johannes Brahms

John Mahon, clarinet
Corey Hamm, piano
Arktos 200365

In the Company of My Soul

Jeremy Brown, saxophone
Charles Foreman, pian
Arktos 200366

My Very First Solo

William Street, saxophone
Roger Admiral, piano
Paul Bro, Scotty Stepp, alto saxophone
Arktos 200367

The New Goldberg Variations

Tanya Prochazka, cello
Jacques Despres, piano
Arktos 200368

Marko Martin

Marko Martin, piano (Honens laureate)
Arktos 200369

Alessandra Maria Ammara

Alessandra Maria Ammara, piano (Honens laureate)
Arktos 200370

Katherine Chi

Katherine Chi, piano (Honens laureate)
Arktos 200371

One Pierced Moment

Dawn Sadoway, soprano
John Mahon, clarinet
Jeremy Spurgeon, organ
Garth Hobden, sound design
Arktos 200376


The Bower/Miller Organ/Piano Duo
Arktos 200374


Music by Chopin, Brahms, Debussy and Hétu
Jacques Després, piano
Arktos 200372

Bohemian Woods

Tanya Prochazka, cello
Milton Schlosser, piano
Arktos 200375