Reflections on the Past
The University of Calgary Wind
Glenn D. Price, conductor
Arktos 98033
Barcode 7502007312

Following up from their fond delving into the past ( Reflections on the Past, 99033), the excellent wind ensemble of the University of Calgary present a daring foray into the present. Gardens of Dreams is a rich cycle of emotions, moods — and fascinating music. From a quircky set of variations on a Frank Zappa song to the world of dreams, the contemporary and accessible music here is given full expression by the large instrumental forces of wind and percussion.

On this recording:
Gallimaufry, Guy Woolfenden
Variations on “Mein junges Leben hat ein End,” Jan P. Sweelinck
From Chaos to the Birth of a Dancing Star, Allan Gordon Bell
Allerseelen, Richard Straus
Scenes from “The Louvre,” Norman Dello Joio