Beau Quartet: String Quartets by Jean Sibelius and Carl Nielsen
Stephen Bryant, first violin
Anita Dusevic, second violin
Sue Jane Bryant, viola
Peter Parthun, cello
Arktos 98028
Barcode 7502005492

The great Scandinavian composers Sibelius and Nielsen are regarded as two of the finest symphonists of the twentieth century — yet their chamber music is sadly under-represented in the catalogs. The Calgary ensemble The Beau Quartet, presents moving and inspired accounts of “Voces Intimae” Quartet of Sibelius and the F Major Quartet of Nielsen to help address this oversight — and will leave many wondering why this great music is not heard more often.

On this recording:
String Quartet in D minor, Opus 56 (Voces Intimae), Jean Sibelius
Humoresque I, Opus 87, No. 1, Jean Sibelius
Humoresque II, Opus 87, No. 2, Jean Sibelius
String Quartet in F major, Opus 44, Carl Nielsen