Brothers in the Sun
Brad Go-Sam, didgeridoo
Pablo Russell, drummer and singer
Keith Bolton, didgeridoo
Arktos 97025
Barcode 7502003232

Brad Go-Sam (didgeridoo) from the Jittabul tribe of Far North Queensland, Australia, and Pablo Russell (singer and drummer) from the Blackfoot Nation in Southern Alberta join with Keith Bolton (didgeridoo) and Dan Crane (D/Lakota flute) to make a startling and, at times, deeply moving statement about their cultures. This combination of aboriginal musicians from different sides of the planet has resulted in an intensely original recording of world music.

On this recording:
Warrior Song
Owl Dance Song One
Cuppibulka (Big Rain)
Owl Dance Song Two
Honour Song
Owl Dance (group)
Honour Song (group)
Brolga (Bird)