Prairie Brass: Brass Music by Roger Deegan
Corey Hamm, piano
Trevor Brandenburg, marimba
Russell Whitehead, trumpet, cornet
Bob Tildesley, fleugelhorn, trumpet
Mary Fearon, horn
Ivan Mast, trombone
Krista Gilliland, tuba
Ken Read, bass trombone
Colin Haydu, trombone
John Ceri Jones, trombone
Arktos 97023
Barcode 7502002852

Some of Edmonton’s finest brass players, and the American group Sierra Brass, present music by a veteran composer and brass player. Many of the works were adapted by Deegan from scores and soundtracks he has written over his long career.

“Deegan, a veteran local composer of many years’ standing, writes music that is accessible and, more importantly, sits well on brass instruments” – Edmonton Journal.

On this recording:
Wood Mountain for Brass Quintet and Marimba
Second Cretacean Suite for Brass Trio
Three Trombone Quartets
Impromptu—Trio for Lower Brass
Festival Etude for Euphonium and Piano
Thanatopsis for Brass Quintet
First Cretacean Suite for Brass Trio