Tales and Reflections
Ronda Metszies, violoncello
Greg Caisley, piano
Arktos 95011

One of Arktos Recordings’ best selling discs, the Edmonton-based duo present music by Debussy (his 1915 Sonata), Janácek, Scriabin, Milhaud and Forsyth.

“They have produced an utterly charming program” – Culture Shock Magazine.

On this recording:
Pohádka (A Tale), Leos Janácek
Prelude (Opus 11, No. 21), Alexander Scriabin
Prelude (Opus 11, No. 12), Alexander Scriabin
The Swan Sees His Reflection, Malcolm Forsyth
Prelude (Opus 11, No. 1), Alexander Scriabin
Prelude (Opus 11, No. 9), Alexander Scriabin
Elégie, Darius Milhaud
Počme (Opus 32, No. 1), Alexander Scriabin
Spiegel im Spiegel (Mirror in a Mirror), Arvo Pärt
Sonate pour Violoncelle et Piano, Claude Debussy