Fancy’s Child: Songs from Shakespeare
Pro Coro Canada
Eric Ericson, conductor
Erik Westberg, conductor
Jeremy Spurgeon, piano
Arktos 95008

Edmonton’s professional choir presents 20th-century settings of the poetry of William Shakespeare. Works by Vaughan Williams, Frank Martin, Sven-Eric Johanson, Nils Lindberg and Bengt Hallberg. Swedish conductor Eric Ericson is justifiably considered a ‘legend’ in the choral world, and was a strong influence in the shaping of Pro Coro’s sound. From Frank Martin’s intriguing sense of rhythm (and off-rhythm) to Bengt Hallberg’s jazz-tinted feeling of improvisation, Pro Coro matches the music and atmosphere well” – Edmonton Journal.

On this recording:
Three Shakespeare Songs, Ralph Vaughan Williams
Songs of Ariel from Shakespeare’s Tempest, Frank Martin
Fancies I, Sven-Eric Johanson
“O Mistress Mine,” Nils Lindberg
Concerto for Piano and Mixed Chorus, Bengt Hallberg