The Hammerhead Consort: Music for Two Pianos and Percussion
Trevor Brandenburg, percussion
Rajat Nigam: percussion
Roger Admiral, piano
Corey Hamm, piano
Arktos 94000

Four contemporary works by Berio, Hobden, Nicholson, and Boucourechliev for two pianos and two percussionists, two of which were commissioned especially for this ensemble, are presented on this debut compact disc. This dynamic ensemble was awarded the Alberta recording Industry Associations Award for Best Classical Artists on Record in 1993.

“The playing is superb, sound is excellent. It is nothing short of a masterpiece.” – Alberta Composer.

On this recording:
Linea (a Vittoria Ottolenghi), Luciano Berio
Timbral Forest, Garth Hobden
Hammer-Suite, G. Gordon Nicholson
Archipel I, André Boucourechliev