Milton Schlosser:
Frederic Rzewski’s De Profundis and
North American Ballads
Milton Schlosser, piano
Arktos 20043
Barcode 7502013692

Politics, tolerance and daring meet, both in the music of Frederic Rzewski, and in the heart of the performance by Alberta-based pianist Milton Schlosser. The text for De Profundis (for “Speaking Pianist”) is taken from Oscar Wilde’s letter from Reading Gaol to his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas. North American Ballads take as their source songs from the early labour movement. Schlosser’s performance is inspired by time he spent studying with Rzewski in the summer of 1999.

On this recording:
De Profundis, for Speaking Pianist, Frederic Rzewski
Dreadful Memories, North American Ballad
Which Side are You On?, North American Ballad
Down by the Riverside, North American Ballad
Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues, North American Ballad