Bashaw: Music by Howard Bashaw
The Saint Crispin’s Chamber Ensemble
Duo Majoya
The Hammerhead Consort
The NOWAge Orchestra
Martin Risley, violin
Colin Ryan, cello
Allison Storochuk, clarinet
David Quinn, bass clarinet
Russell Whitehead, trumpet
Trevor Brandenburg, percussion
Corey Hamm, piano
Roger Admiral, piano
Arktos 2003940
Barcode 7502012072

The first two-CD set commercially released by Arktos Recordings is devoted completely to the music of one of Canada’s most interesting young composers, Howard Bashaw. Architecture, symmetry, exploration — even whimsy — all are apparent. And once you’ve heard the intricate design of his works, those facets are revealed. Some of Alberta’s finest musicians are featured on this bold program of musical innovation and exploration.

“…an excellent portrait of Howard Bashaw’s music.” – Paul Steenhuisen,

On this recording:
Seven spheres
Music for Organ and Piano
Music for Trombone and Piano
Eolian Braid
Timepieces – 17 Miniatures
Music for Tuba and Piano
New Rage for Now Age