Music by Chopin, Brahms, Debussy and Hétu
Jacques Després, piano
Arktos 200372

The very word “ballade” instantly evokes the idea of a story, an unfolding narrative line. Since Chopin first pioneered the notion as a musical form in which to explore this connotation in abstract musical terms, it has produced memorable music from some of the greatest musical minds. Edmonton pianist Jacques Després takes the ballade on its own journey, from its early incarnation in the works of Chopin and Brahms, through to one of Canada’s contemporary musical masters, Jacques Hétu.

On this recording:
Ballade (1978), Jacques Hétu
Ballade (1890), Claude Debussy
Balladen, op. 10 (1854), Johannes Brahms
Ballade no. 1 in G minor op. 23 (1831-35), Frederic Chopin
Ballade no. 2 in F major op. 38 (1836-39)
Ballade no. 3 in A-flat major op. 47 (1840-41)
Ballade no. 4 in F minor op. 52 (1841-42)