Katherine Chi
Katherine Chi, piano (Honens laureate)
Arktos 200371

Katherine Chi is the first Canadian to win the Honens Competition, taking top prize in 2000. One of Canada’s fast-rising piano stars, she takes on two titans of the piano repertoire, balancing Rachmaninov’s engaging Variations on a Theme of Corelli with the awesome architecture of Beethoven’s “Hammerklavier” Sonata.

“Ms Chi displayed a keen musical intelligence and a powerful arsenal of technique.” – New York Times

On this recording:
Piano Sonata No. 29 in B-flat Major, Op.106, “Hammerklavier”, Ludwig van Beethoven
Scherzo: Assai vivace
Adagio sostenuto – Appassionato e con molto sentimento
Largo – Allegro risoluto

Variations on a Theme of Corelli, Op.42, Sergei Rachmaninov
Theme: Andante
Variation 1: Poco più mosso
Variation 2: L’istesso tempo
Variation 3: Tempo di menuetto
Variation 4: Andante
Variation 5: Allegro (ma non tanto)
Variation 6: L’istesso tempo
Variation 7: Vivace
Variation 8: Adagio misterioso
Variation 9: Un poco più mosso
Variation 10: Allegro scherzando
Variation 11: Allegro vivace
Variation 13: Agitato
Intermezzo: A tempo rubato
Variation 14: Andante (come prima)
Variation 15: L’istesso tempo
Variation 16: Allegro vivace
Variation 17: Meno mosso
Variation 18: Allegro con brio
Variation 19: Più mosso – Agitato
Variation 20: Più mosso
Coda: Andante