The New Goldberg Variations
Tanya Prochazka, cello
Jacques Despres, piano
Arktos 200368

Arktos Recordings is proud to release the world debut recording of a special new work premiered in 1997 for cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Beginning with the same aria used by J.S. Bach for his epochal Goldberg Variations, six noted American composers were commissioned to collaborate on a work for cello and piano. Featured is music by Bach, with contributions by Kenneth Frazelle, Christopher Rouse, Peter Lieberson, John Corigliano, Peter Schickele and Richard Danielpour. Two distinguished Canadian soloists present this debut performance.

“5 stars out of five” – Edmonton Journal

“Bravi to cellist Tanya Prochazka and pianist Jacques Despres; these outstanding, Edmonton-based artists bring humanity, integrity and an enormous expressive range to the pieces.” – National Post

On this recording:
Aria, Johann Sebastian Bach

Variations (in memory of Robert Goldberg), Kenneth Frazelle
Variation 1 (molto adagio)
Variation II (presto)

Goldberg Variations II (dedicated to Robert Goldberg), Christopher Rouse
Variation (presto)
Variation for violoncello alone (adagio: elegiaco)

Introduction and Three Variations (to Judy Goldberg), Peter Lieberson
Variation 1 (Neighbor Canons)
Variation 2 (Scherzo)
Variation 3 (Aria)

Fancy on a Bach Air (largo), John Corigliano

New Goldberg Variations, Peter Schickele
Calm, serene

Fantasy Variation (adagietto misterioso) (to Judy Goldberg), Richard Danielpour
Aria 4:25, Johann Sebastian Bach