My Very First Solo
William Street, saxophone
Roger Admiral, piano
Paul Bro, Scotty Stepp, alto saxophone
Arktos 200367

My Very First Solo isn’t – the first solo recording by William Street, that is. Taking its tongue-in-cheek title from one of the works recorded on the disc, University of Alberta saxophone instructor William Street showcases a display of contemporary saxophone works featuring humour, tenderness, and the influences of jazz. He is accompanied by Canadian pianist Roger Admiral, and is joined by Paul Bro and Scotty Stepp in William Albright’s Doo-Dah for three alto saxophones.

“5 stars out of five” – Edmonton Journal

On this recording:
Sonata in Jazz, Werner Heider

Tour de France, Alfred Joel Fisher
Jour de marché: Messr.s Ravel et Dreyfuss
Monsieur le postmoderne (avec une joie absurde)
Carpentras (obsur, sombre)
Le Mignon Minime (folâtre, étincelant)

Doo-Dah For Three Alto Saxophones, William Albright
Klonos (Piet Swerts)
My Very First Solo, Jan Bach

Sonate, Edison Vasilievitch Denisov
Allegro Moderato