The Children’s World of Debussy and Bartók
Jacques Després, piano
Arktos 200258
Barcode 7502043752

The Children’s World of Debussy and Bartók While written with children and their way of looking at the world in mind, these collections of piano miniatures are witty and sophisticated. Canadian pianist Jacques Després shows sparkle and dash in this delightful set of pieces by two masters from the first half of the 20th century.

On this recording:
Children’s Corner, (Coin des enfants) Lesure No. 113, Claude Debussy
Deux Arabesques, Lesure No. 66, Claude Debussy
Sonatina, Sz. 55, BB 69, Béla Bartók
Mikrokosmos, 153 Progressive Piano Pieces, Sz. 107, BB 105 Vol. 6, Béla Bartók
Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm, Béla Bartók