Baskets Full Of Songs
Hong Yan Powell, soprano
Roger Admiral, piano
Arktos 200154
Barcode 7502041292

Raised in the Sichuan province of China, soprano Hong Yan Powell was one of the first music students to be able to study western classical techniques and repertoire following the relaxing of cultural restrictions in China. Her training was thus a combination of both traditional Chinese and western art music, and both facets of her studies have always been reflected in the music she sings.

Since coming to Canada in 1993, Powell quickly established herself in the hearts many in the community. From a repertoire standpoint, Baskets Full of Songs will certainly appeal to many because of its inclusion of music from Hong Yan Powell’s homeland — both traditional folk tunes and what might be regarded as Chinese “lieder.” But there are familiar pieces here, too.

On this recording:
Baskets Full of Songs, Anhui Folk Song
A Girl Who is Born to Sing, Yunnan Folk Song
I Live by the Yangtze River, Music by Qin Zhu Liu, Lyrics by Zhi Yi Li
When will the Locust Flowers Bloom?, Sichuan Folk Song
To Seek After, Music by Xue Yan Liu, Lyrics by Jian Wu Xu
Wusuli Boat Song, Heilongjang Folk Song
How Can I Ever Forget Her?, Music by Yuan Ren Zhao, Lyrics by Ban Nong Liu
My Little Swallow, Xinjiang Folk Song
Mayeela, Xinjiang Folk Song
Song of the Mountain Stream, Yunnan Folk Song
That is Me, Music by Jian fen Gu, Lyrics by Xiao Quang
Die Forelle (The Trout), Franz Schubert
Ave Maria, J. S. Bach
’Tis the Last Rose of Summer, Old Irish Air
Rusalka (To the Moon), Antonin Dvorák
O Mio Babbino Caro (Oh My Dear Daddy), Giacomo Puccini
Memory, Andrew Lloyd Webber