my soul, there is a country … Gavin Bryars On Photograpy and other Canadian and British Contemporary Choral Music
University of Alberta Madrigal
Leonard Ratzlaff, conductor
Arktos 200149
Barcode 7502019692

Taken from recordings made in both 1998 and 2001, this new CD features the award-winning Edmonton choral ensemble, conducted by their music director Leonard Ratzlaff, in contemporary works from both British and Canadian composers. Many of the works here are receiving their world premiere recordings on this disc — including Gavin Bryars’ fascinating On Photography. my soul, there is a country… provides further evidence of the grace and beauty of this ensemble, in a moving and powerful program of important 20th century works.

On this recording:
Three Motets on Texts of Henry Vaughan, Allan Bevan
Svyati, John Tavener
Threnody, Jean Coulthard
Come, Lovely and Soothing Death, James Rolfe
Three Songs From Poems by E. Pauline Johnson, James Rolfe
Rossignol du vert bocage, French Canadian folk song
In Youth is Pleasure, Healey Willan
At the Mid-Hour of Night, Irish folk song
Jing-ga-lye-ya, Bruce Sled