University of Calgary Wind Ensemble
Glenn D. Price, conductor
Alain Trudel, solo trombone
Svetlana Ponomaryova, piano
Arktos 200148
Barcode 7502019152

The University of Calgary Wind Ensemble, led by Dr. Glenn D. Price, once again pushes back the boundary of wind and percussion music.

All the music on Danceries is by 20th century composers, but the repertoire runs a wide gamut. From the amiable antiquities updated in Kenneth Hesketh’s Danceries to the visceral Cancion de gesta by Cuban composer Leo Brouwer, the rhythms and vitality of the music on this disc continue the rich legacy the U of C Wind Ensemble as already established.

“Glenn Price has produced yet another musically-balanced and technically excellent album.” – Ron Chalmers, Legacy magazine

On this recording:
Circular Marches, Dan Welcher
Danceries, Kenneth Hesketh
Colloquy, William Goldstein
Hommage a l’Ami Papageno, Jean Françaix
Cancion de Gesta, Leo Brouwer